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Hi there everyone,

Wow, hasn’t the world changed quickly!

As you would have heard by now, each of our youth groups have had to transition to an Online experience. This means that we are looking forward to bringing you an experience of youth ministry unlike anything that has happened before.

There are 3 pillars to our Online strategy;

1: Youth Group Online. Each youth group will meet as per normal time but will do so for now via a Messenger Group Chat. Please find your youth minister on Messenger and ask them to invite you into your Online Youth Group. The youth group will include games, activities, videos, commentary and various other opportunities to interact.

2: Reflections on the Sunday Mass Readings. Whilst Mass is not available we will have an opportunity to discuss how the Readings impact on us within our Online Youth Group each Sunday morning at 10am.

3: Connect Groups. Our youth ministers will gather groups of young people (gender and age based) to video conference on a weekly basis with one another as way of connecting and caring for each other. At this stage this will also happen via Messenger Group Chats. This may change as we discover more effective forums to achieve this goal.

We will also be using other online platforms from which to connect such as Facebook, Youtube, email and Instagram to provide information. 

To ensure that we maintain our Safeguarding obligations it is essential that parents do the following;

1: Provide permission for their child (anyone under the age 18) to participate

2: Ensure that anyone not old enough to have their own social media account only accesses our online facilities through their parent account under parental supervision.

This permission form can be accessed via our website

Let us continue to pray for a quick resolution to the spread of COVID-19 and in the meanwhile let us work together to ensure that all of our young people maintain connection in the safest and most uplifting of ways.

Contact Ming Yan 0414998043 for more information. 

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Catholic Youth Ministry is the official agency supporting and promoting youth ministry in the Archdiocese of Perth. Our aim is to assist young adults to build a deep and lasting relationship with Jesus and to help them find their place in the Church and the world.