Sundays Message



“It was shortly before the Jewish feast of Passover.” (John 6:4)


John’s story mentions three Passover feasts during Jesus’ public ministry. 

The last is the one when he died, the one we call the Last Supper. The Eucharist was the greatest gift of that night.

This is the second one. The year before the Last Supper. 

“Jesus took the loaves, gave thanks, and gave them out” (John 6:11)


What Jesus did with the loaves and the fish are the actions of the Passover meal.

They are the same actions of the Passover meal he had the following year, before he died, the meal we came to call the Last Supper. 


Jesus prepared the disciples for what was coming later, the Eucharist. He does the same in our personal life: eventually we see the big plan, and by then we are ready.


He does the same in our parish: the Lord has been preparing us for the renewal that He will bring about in due time. He strengthened and touched the hearts of many of us.

They “filled twelve hampers with scraps left over from the meal of five barley loaves.” (John 6:13)


Like the boy, like the disciples, we give what we have. We think we are insufficient and incapable. Jesus welcomes our full contribution, and He makes it sufficient for all, in wonderful and unexpected ways.


Every Sunday we come, we bring what we are and have to the Eucharist. The Lord takes it, and works wonders. We give our small beings, and Jesus does great things. 


The results of our appraisal are about to be released. God is preparing us for our renewal.

Am I willing to share what I have, even as it appears insufficient in my eyes? Jesus can do wonders.


Jesus can do great things with our small - but complete - contribution.

Let us get ready to put our loaves and fish in the hands of Jesus!