Sundays Message


“When Elijah heard this, he covered his face with his cloak and went out.” (1Kings 19:13)

Elijah was a great prophet. 

We often think of a prophet as a person who can predict the future.

This may be true. When it is true, it is due to the fact that a prophet sought and seeks to be familiar with God, to dwell in God - so he comes to see things the way God sees them. He can make out God’s plan, God’s signs. That is why he may appear to predict the future. In reality, he discerns God’s plan all the time.

Therefore Elijah was not taken in by the mighty wind, the earthquake and the fire. Loud signs did not impress him. 

He stirred immediately when he recognised the marks of heaven: smallness, gentleness, humility, respect, space. Like breeze, like the manna, like incense rising in prayer.

Peter was yet to develop the sight of a prophet. 

Even as Jesus was familiar to him, this Gospel passage shows that he was not capable to recognise Jesus in a predicament that was different from what he expected. “It is a ghost!” (Matthew 14:26)

Also, we see that Peter looked at the force of the wind (dangers, threats to his safety) and himself (his weakness, his fears) better than he looked at Jesus. 

When I turn to him in the first place, I find peace. I know he is in control. 

The stronger my relationship with Jesus, the safer I am, the more peaceful is my soul.

Jesus, in his relationship with the Father, is our model. 

He prayed on the hills. He walked on water.

My highest priority: developing my relationship with Jesus.

Pray: take Jesus on board. Keep your eyes fixed on Him.