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Child Protection Week Competition 2020

Open to all young people 12 – 18 years. Create a 2-minute media clip outlining the importance of ‘Putting children’s needs first’.

First prize $500 Gift Voucher. Entry forms are available from the back of the church or visit:

Entry closes Friday 14th August.

The Safeguarding Office in consultation with the Archbishops office will shortlist a number of finalists. On Tuesday 8th September a Showreel featuring these finalists’ media clips will be made available on the Safeguarding Website and through some Catholic Secondary Schools . Peers/friends/students are encouraged to watch the showreel and vote for the best clip. The winners will be announced at the 11.00am Child Protection Week Mass held at St Mary’s Cathedral on Sunday 13th September. 

Protecting Children in the Catholic Church

The Perth Catholic Archdiocese is committed to the safety and security of all children and young people.

Our Lady of Lourdes Parish Safeguarding Officers
If you have any safety concerns about a person in the parish or about a child protection or child safety issue, you can discuss it with our Parish Safeguarding Officers.

Natalie Boyd 0410 582 272; Rebeca Svilicic 0403 825 530; 
Mariza D'Souza 0435 435 013; Daniel Joyce 0431 636 947

Roles and Responsibilities of Parish Safeguarding Officers

The role of Parish Safeguarding Officers is key to ensuring that parishes meet the Archdiocese of Perth’s safeguarding responsibilities in all aspects of service that they undertake.

Safeguarding Handbook

Protective Behaviours Video

Archdiocesan website

Our Parish Safeguarding ChildrenPolicy and Procedures