Postal Plebiscite


A clear and simple letter was written by Archbishop Coleridge of Brisbane in response to some questions. It can be found on the parish website, as a further food for thought towards the postal vote. Also, more materials can be found at this website.

Archbishop Costelloe has written a Pastoral Letter to the Catholic community of Perth in relation to the upcoming postal ballot on same-sex marriage. The letter can be found on-line at:
All Catholics are warmly encouraged to register and vote in accordance with the truth, taught by the Lord, that marriage takes place between a man and a woman.
Pope Francis in a letter he wrote in 2010 about this topic (when he was archbishop of Buenos Aires): “A marriage (made up of man and woman) is not the same as the union of two people of the same sex. To distinguish is not to discriminate but to respect differences… At a time when we place emphasis on the richness of pluralism and social and cultural diversity, it is a contradiction to minimise fundamental human differences. A father is not the same as a mother. We cannot teach future generations that preparing yourself for planning a family based on the stable relationship between a man and a woman is the same as living with a person of the same sex.”
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